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Admin Team


Name: Tessa Dodge

Top Five Strengths: Individualisation, Maximiser, Connectedness, Strategic, Adaptability

What do you do at SNSP? I am responsible for training and development. This has four main applications:

1. Working with Gallup to develop the Strengths Revolution in South Pacific;

2. Supporting our Accredited Coaches in the Strengths Network;

3. Developing Strengths based Teams and Individuals;

4. Training Accredited Strengths Coaches in the South Pacific.


Name: Mike Dodge

Top Five Strengths: Achiever, Arranger, Adaptability, Assurance and Woo

What do you do at SNSP? I am probably Strengths biggest advocate. Everywhere I go, I end up talking about Strengths and getting people on board. I have seen the amazing results when teams understand each others Strengths and I am passionate about people discovering what's right and finding their right fit.

Name: Kim Hunter

Top Five Strengths: Context, Responsibility, Maximiser, Consistency, Connectedness

What do you do at SNSP? As Operations Coordinator I assist Tessa with the nuts and bolts of our network, keeping up with questions from members and course administration.


Name: Sam Perry

Top Five Strengths: Arranger, Maximiser, Harmony, Responsibility, Developer

What do you do at SNSP? I sort out anything technical and manage the technical details of the training events.

Name: Rachel Sangster

Top Five Strengths: Harmony, Empathy, Developer, Communication, Includer

What do you do at SNSP? Accounts Manager: I deal with anything money wise.


Network Advisory Group & HUB Coordinators



Toni Houghton

Wellington HUB Coordinator

Blue Bradley
Auckland/Hamilton HUB Coordinator
Anna Sanford
Auckland/Hamilton HUB Coordinator




Raewyn Mortensen
Bay of Plenty/Hawkes Bay HUB Coordinator
Tessa Dodge
Mike Dodge