Strengths Explorer Kete



The Strengths Explorer Kete contains a years’ worth of strengths-based activities and conversations for you to pick up and run with, with no mucking around or time-consuming planning, all the work is done for you! Each kete comes with a set each of the junior themed and senior themed Strengths cards.

Our wish is that children all over Aotearoa will benefit from knowing what is Great about them, and how they can use their strengths to be the best version of themselves.

For more detail or if you have questions, contact Janaya at

Bulk pricing:
5-9 Kete $176.25 each;
10+ $164.50 each;
Plus postage.
For orders of 5 or more Kete please contact the office directly,

Note: This pricing is for Strengths Network coaches only. Full price $235.

Price in NZD and includes GST.

Payment will be directed to the CYS Payment Express page for your credit card payment.