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What would happen if everyone in the world started from the perspective of what's right with people, as opposed to what's wrong and what needs to be fixed?  What would happen if our organisations all found what individual does best and built their teams with this in mind?

What would it be like to work in a team that allows you to focus 80% of your energy on what you do best, and finding key partnerships with others who also get to do what they do best?

Imagine a body.  What if the ear thought it was more important than the eye?  What if the ear was expected to see?  What if the eye was meant to hear?  The body works in perfect unity when each gets to function in the way they are designed.

Once your team has completed their "Individual Top 5 Signature Theme" coaching sessions, they are then ready to be a part of the Team Session.  Team Sessions are modules customised to suit the requirements of each team and to help develop an understanding of how each individual’s strengths can contribute to the team they work in. 

To find out more, contact an Accredited Team Coach in your area or contact the StrengthsNetwork Office for more information.