Terms and Conditions

Training  Prerequisites

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Coaching CliftonStrengths | Essentials

Participants must have completed their CliftonStrengths online assessment and received individual Top 5 coaching themselves. Participants must provide a reference as part of their course registration.

Coaching CliftonStrengths | Advanced

Participants must be accredited in Coaching CliftonStrengths | Essentials (Top 5) prior to attending this courses. Participants MUST have unlocked their CliftonStrengths 34 report via the Gallup Access website and, while not compulsory, they are strongly encouraged to receive CS34 coaching themselves prior to the course.

Coaching CliftonStrengths | Partnerships & Teams

Participants must be accredited in CliftonStrengths | Essentials (Top 5) prior to attending this course (either the Partnerships or Teams module), and have completed a minimum of 25 individual Top 5 coaching sessions. This can include the six accreditation sessions required for Coaching CliftonStrengths | Essentials accreditation. Participants attending the Teams module must have attended the Partnership Module first. They do not need to be accredited.


Depending on the content, some workshops may be open to all coaches and others to coaches with specific training levels. Check the course information for specific requirements.

Pre-Course Work

Any pre-course work will be sent at least one week before the course starts. This work will need to be brought to the training.
Each component of the training is critical to the process and full participation is required to qualify as an accredited coach.

Post-Training Requirements

Participants will be expected to carry out the required number of coaching sessions, as listed below, within 12 months of the training course. Following the coaching sessions, coachees will be requested to submit online feedback about the coaching received.

Coaching CliftonStrengths | Essentials Accreditation: SIX feedback evaluations.

Coaching CliftonStrengths | Partnerships Accreditation: THREE feedback evaluations from three seperate partnerships.

Coaching CliftonStrengths | Teams Accreditation: THREE feedback evaluations from three seperate teams.

Coaching CliftonStrengths | Advanced Accreditation: THREE feedback evaluations.

Once the Strengths Network office has received all feedback evaluations, participants will attend (in person or via phone/Zoom etc) a final interview with an experienced senior coach.

Once all of the requirements have been met successfully each participant will be awarded the qualification of Strengths Network Essentials, Advanced, Partnerships or Teams  Accredited Coach and will receive a completion certificate.


The Strengths Network was set up by Gallup to provide training in the South Pacific in 2008. However, Strengths Network South Pacific is an independent organisation and those who are trained by the Strengths Network are not Gallup Certified Coaches but Strengths Network Accredited Coaches.

Ongoing Support | Membership

Coaching CliftonStrengths | Essentials course participants receive a 12 month complimentary Network membership. At the anniversary of their training they are given the option of renewing their membership for the remainder of the current membership year. The membership year runs from 1 August – 31 July. From this point participants will be offered the opportunity to renew their membership annually along with the rest of the Network membership. Membership subscription fees are set annually, with a subsidy option and group discounts available.

We recommend all Accredited Coaches join the Strengths Network for ongoing support, resources and professional development. We provide workshops for coaches to continue their development and have opportunities throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand and Australia for coaches to meet together for networking and mentoring opportunities throughout the year.

For those belonging to the Network we also provide regular feedback opportunities via the online forms available on the Strengths Network website.

Each Strengths Network Accredited Coach will have the option of being listed on the website directory.

Course Cancellation

Strengths Network courses combine lecture-style instruction and group activities, both in person and online. Each session has a minimum/maximum number of participants required to ensure a successful learning experience. Strengths Network reserves the right to cancel any session that does not reach the minimum number of participants on or before the Confirmation Date listed and will notify all registered participants of the cancellation at that time. We also reserve the right to close off registrations if the maximum numbers for a course has been reached. We encourage participants to plan their travel and accommodation once the course has been confirmed as each participant is responsible for their own travel/accommodation expenses.

Training Under the Covid Protection Framework

  • Training events carried out in-person and online;
  • Record keeping/scanning required;
  • Vaccine pass requirements TBC.
  • Training events carried out in-person and online;
  • Current vaccine pass required for in-person training;
  • Record keeping/scanning required;
  • If level is changed from Orange to Red during the registration period participants have the option of keeping their registration but with online course delivery, transferring their registration to another course within 12 months, or may request a refund (if within refund period).
  • All training events moved online.

Strengths Network reserves the right to make changes to training events as necessary and will endeavour to inform participants in a timely manner.


Participant Cancellation | Transfer

If you cannot attend a Strengths Network course for which you are registered, you will need to notify us no later than THREE WEEKS PRIOR to the course START date to receive a full refund.

In the event of an unforeseen circumstance requiring you to cancel less than three weeks prior to the course, you will need to notify the Strengths Network office to request a refund. Please note: an administration fee of $200 will be charged. 
If you wish to change the course you have registered for you can do so by contacting the Strengths Network office at least three weeks prior to the course date. You may be charged a transfer fee. Strengths Network will not accept any rescheduling requests less than three weeks before the course start date.

Course Materials and Resources

All course materials and customised resources are the property of Strengths Network. Each participant is given access to these resources for the purposes of individual, group, partnership and team coaching only. Course materials may be sent prior to the course start date, eg in the case of online training events. If a participant does not attend the course or payment for the course is not received the full set of materials must be returned immediately at the participant’s expense.


Gallup, StrengthsFinder, Clifton StrengthsFinder, CliftonStrengths, and each of the 34 Clifton StrengthsFinder theme names are the trademarks of Gallup, Inc.

Any Questions

If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact the Strengths Network at office@strengthsnetwork.org or phone +64 3 929 0541.